Dick “Santa” Brackett

Since I began working with Dieter Spears, as a model for his photographs of Santa, I have enjoyed a general exposure of my Santa character that I never before thought possible. I have seen my image in ads from the Southeast of the United States to the northern areas of Spain and Portugal. I have been privileged to use copies of his photos of me to promote my appearances at malls as Santa. This season I will work at the mall in Plano, Texas during November and December, having used his photos of me to promote myself to the agency that hired me. Dieter is not only my friend, he is the consummate professional who gets my best efforts out of me during our photo sessions. He is a joy and a pleasure to work with. I never feel as if I have worked, after a session with him. We just have fun doing what we enjoy doing. Thanks, Dieter!

Carol Larimore, President, Tradeshow STOP

For 12 years, Tradeshow STOP and Inhaus Creative have worked together to provide our clients with outstanding quality, attention to detail and the highest possible level of customer service. Dieter is the rare combination of extraordinary creativity, speed of implementation and affordability that make him the perfect complement to our organization. In today’s fast paced business environment, Dieter is on the cutting edge of new technology, marketing strategies and has a feel for the pulse of what is coming next.

Our clients are amazed at how Dieter is able to capture exactly what they are looking for before they are even aware of it! Dieter’s clients become his friends. In this world, it is a rarity and a delight to find “good” people to work with. Dieter’s combination of skill, integrity and charisma make him an asset to any project that he is involved with………and, it makes the project fun!

If anyone needs further proof, give me a call and I can provide a hundred examples of designs our clients love!

Jay Larimore, Owner, Tradeshow STOP, Inc.

Inhaus Creative is a complete package, largely because of the man who runs the organization. A tireless worker with seemingly boundless creative energy, Dieter Spears is the “real deal”. Graphic Design, web design, photography, video . . . you name it, Dieter does it all extremely well, and at a price which is budget-friendly. Tradeshow STOP has collaborated closely with Dieter for more than 12 years to meet our clients’ design needs. When Inhaus Creative develops and brings to fruition a design that our clients love, it reflects positively on us. That, and the fact that Dieter is easy to work with and as honest as the day is long, has formed the basis of our successful, longterm business relationship. Dieter brings his passion for his work to bear on every project he takes on, no matter how large or small. His constant quest for learning, doing things better, faster and more professionally – coupled with years of experience and an innate ability to look at things with an artist’s eye to develop unique concepts – is what sets him apart from the crowd. Inhaus Creative is a valuable resource that any business owner would be fortunate to add to their marketing and sales arsenal.

Steve Diggs, Author & “No Debt No Sweat” Seminar

Having spent over 25 years in the marketing business with a staff of my own artists, Dieter Spears is one of the best ‘go to’ guys I’ve ever met. He really understands all the disciplines of creative commercial art. Like thousands of other artists, Dieter knows how to deliver a great design. But what makes Dieter a real jewel is the cerebral way he approaches each project. His creativity is only the beginning. Dieter understands the fact that it ‘ain’t creative if it doesn’t sell.’ He brings his own ideas and insights. He’s a true ‘value added’ artist. Simply put, when it comes to a any creative project, Dieter understands the big picture. He’s a can-do sort of guy–a client’s dream!”

Bruce Benefield, VP of Marketing, MSM Industries

“Dieter Spears may well be without equal at his craft, in more ways than one. I’ve know the man, and worked with him, for roughly eleven years. During that time, I’ve found him to be a rare breed of computer-graphic technocrat and creative wizard, the end result of which, for me, has been a profusion of stunning ‘creative’ elements, both unique and always ‘on-target’ marketing communications covering virtually the entire spectrum of computer-graphic based sales promotion projects, (e.g. Brand name & integrated logo-development, consumer-product packaging design; along with direct-mail, magazine and newspaper ad conception & construction)

What truly sets Dieter apart from so many others….who also ply their trade in the so-called ‘computer-graphics’ field…is that he is a superb digital mechanic with an ‘artist’s heart’. Combine that with Dieter’s wholly un-teachable instinct of understanding essential market-positioning strategies and you’ll get a clear picture of his intrinsic value in the creative process. More that this I can not say regarding my professional recommendation.”

Dennys Bisogno, Istockphoto.com Contributor

“There many people that can take good photographs. However fewer have the great gift to visualize what the person on the other side (client) really want/needs. Dieter has the gift of understanding what makes a photograph a “great” stock photo. For people like me, he has been an inspiration to work harder and become better in my stock photography craft.”

Adam Halem, Arcamedia

“I came to Dieter with a very very tight deadline and a need for high quality as well as a creative eye. Dieter not only met my price points and time frame but turned out some killer work. He was great at the back and forth communication to help shape the project further. The end result was a staggering image.. the tight time frame had absolutely no reflection in the work. Meaning he was a perfectionist in his images. Dieter is also a pre-press guy and all around creative soul. His incorporation of 3D tools into 2 images and more leave me inspired and ready to work with Dieter further into the future. Get ready for another tight time line call soon …..thanks Dieter! Go Renaissance man go!”

George Henderson, CEO, Perma Crete

“I want to thank you for the superb media work that you’ve produced for PERMA•CRETE® over the past years. With your brilliant assistance, we’ve updated our website; create all new 4-color magazine ads; produced numerous new marketing pieces; added new Dealer programs; and, on and on. Wow! Maybe I need to make you a stockholder!

In my thirty-five years as an owner of four separate businesses, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as creative or talented as you. You’re the best. Keep up the great work!”

Chris Koch, Owner, Concrete Elegance

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work in getting my company, Concrete Elegance, up and off of the ground. Being able to work with Inhaus Creative as a one-stop shop for our website design, logo, business cards, brochures, yard signs, tradeshow booth, and car magnets made the entire process much less stressful.

I thank you for your time, effort and attention to detail in making sure that everything turned out the way I envisioned it in my head. You also offered many great suggestions that I had not thought about that really helped with the overall outcome of the Concrete Elegance products you created. I would be happy to recommend the services of Inhaus Creative to any future contacts that have needs for your services.”

John Craig, ECORICH

Dieter is one of the most talented guys in one of the most talented cities in America. He is an amazing photographer and designer. If you are lucky enough to work with him, you wont be sorry!

Paul Sallmen

Thank you for speaking last night to us about your experience with stock photography. I, too, am a graphic designer and often need to create photos for my work. iSotckphoto is my primary resource, but sometimes I can’t find exactly what I need so I setup my own shot.

You were an inspiration. Hard work and commitment really are the keys to your success. (I don’t believe in luck) I don’t think that I have ever used any of your photos in my work, but if I do I’ll let you know!”

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