Jesus Christ

I’ve been wanting to shoot a stock photo session that focuses on epic looking shots of Jesus Christ. I plan on traveling to a desert to do this shoot, but I also wanted to do a “test” shoot in the Read more »

Stock Shoot – Witch and Vampire

Halloween is one of my favorite times. I love scary movies and spooky things. I also like creating spooky stock images. I wish all “stock” shoots would go like this one went. We spent 30 minutes at the costume shop Read more »

Client Shoot – G. Alexander American Made Formalwear

I’m proud to have been picked by Michael Priest, the owner of G. Alexander American Made Formalwear to be their product photographer. G. Alexander is the only American Made Formalwear coming to the tuxedo rental market. Michael found out about me Read more »

Stock Shoot BSS6 – St. John, USVI

Not the shoot from hell, but the shoot in hell. Wow, it was so hot and humid, and the best part… we had no AC for 12 days… good times! My shooting partners iStockphoto members Dan Bachman, Jacom Stephens and Read more »

Elinchrom Quadra RX AS Speed Lighting System

I have been shooting with the Elinchrom Ranger RX AS  systems for over a year now and just love the consistent results that I get from them. I push them hard, shooting a lot, shooting in different temperatures and moisture conditions Read more »

Stock Shoot BSS5 – Nashville, TN

Well, I was feeling kinda special because my shooting partners iStockphoto members Dan Bachman, Jacom Stephens have hosted me out west for some really killer photoshoots. At the first of the year, we got on a conference call and tried to come Read more »

Stock Shoot BSS4 – Sun Valley, ID

This trip would be a first for me. I never as an adult have been anywhere with a lot of snow, and massive negative degrees. First of all, I don’t have any snow clothes. Second, I’m on the happier side Read more »

Stock Shoot BSS2 – Sawtooth Mountain, ID & Salt Lake City, UT

Dan Bachman put together a few days of Shooting for Jacom and Myself Read more »

Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed Lighting System

“Light is Light, our’s is just better” is a slogan that evolved among myself and my shooting partners and iStockphoto members Jacom Stephens and Dan Bachman. I”m hoping Elinchrom will pick it up and use it. So, where do I Read more »