Stock Shoot – Police/Traffic Stop themes

Utahlypse 2011iStockphoto announced that they would be hosting a few Lypses (Istockphoto members getting together to shoot) around the world and that the North American get together would be held in Salt lake City.

Bingo, If you read my posts then you know I enjoy going to the Lypses and I love going to Salt Lake City to shoot with iStockphoto Member Jacom Stephens. Due to the interest in the Lypse, iStockphoto held a drawing. Friend & iStockphoto Member Leggnet was chosen by HQ to head up this Lypse. Rich Legg created a great buzz for the drawing by creating this great video. Well, I wasn’t chosen, but don’t let that get you down. The event offered social tickets to anyone who wanted to come to the Lypse. A social ticket allows members to come to the event and watch the shooting setups and visit with all the members involved with the event. It was perfect. I really just want to be on a social ticket because there were a lot of members that I wanted see and meet.

©Kelvin Wakefield

I’m involved in the iStock Forums and there is one forum called the Sparkle and Shine Group. I’ve been chatting it up for about a year with the crazy bunch 🙂 A handful of the group was going to make it to the event. Also some vintage members like Lobo, Rob Sylvan and Sean Locke would be there and it would be good to see them again, helps my street cred! I ended up meeting everyone and had a great time, even managed to squeeze in an “hour” trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats with Lobo, KelvinJay, Inkit and world famous Curly. Weird that it took longer than an hour 🙂 but hey that’s why I’m not a tour guide (ok, I told them it would just take an hour to get there and we would be right back, takes like 2 hours one way in the LOBO mobile).


After the Utahlypse, I went to stay with Jacom Stephens. Our friend Phill Hoffman flew up to hang and model for us.I called Rich Legg to see if it was ok to hire some of his models, and he said “No, Prob”. We did a quick skull session to figure out what we wanted to shoot. The Skull session started with a day of four wheeling in the Wasatch mountain, Phil,Jacom and myself rode for 7 hours, shot guns and ate beef jerky, rednecks unite! We decided to mainly focus on a Police theme. We went and bought uniforms, borrowed everything to make the uniforms look legit and we even got to use a police truck! I was really happy with the results. Click here to see Jacom’s Pictures.

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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