Stock Performer LogoFinally there is system in place for anyone selling “micro-stock” to get better feedback on the sale of the images. I discovered in a forum thread a different site that would track and give data on sale, but I found it to be slow and not user friendly. I discovered STOCK PERFORMER also thru a forum post and I am glad I did. You get a 14 day trial, and then there is some tier pricing that is based on a month to month billing. So, you can purchase it for the months that you want to see your data analysis.

So, my experience so far…

  1. Can be used to track Data on, iStock, ShutterStock, Fotolia, and Dreamstime, I’m exclusive with iStockphoto so that’s the only on I can track, but it looks like you can compare each agency to one another. Also, looks like there are plans to add other agencies in the future.
  2. It’s Fast, it retrieves the data quickly.
  3. Easy to Navigate, You will see Graphs and Bars and all you do is click on the to get more detailed info. There are thumbnails of the images and it make visual tracking easy.
  4. Stock Performer track all of your lightboxs, great way to see what a group or shoot of images has produced.
  5. Pricing is fair IMO and the fact that you are not under contract is a nice perk.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

UPDATE: I’ve been using this site since January and it’s become invaluable. They have postponed any billing, they will when they have all the bells and whistles finished. The communication with them has been great. They have asked for suggestions and make it sound like the final version will be totally worth the monthly cost.

All the data is real easy to access, see you hourly sales, image performance, day/week/month best sellers…it’s all good, go check them out!

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

2 Responses to “Stock Performer – Analyze Your Micro-stock Sales”

  1. Silvia Jansen says:

    Interesting read

  2. Cobalt says:

    I love stockperformer! You can tell it was written by very successful microstockartists. The communication with them is excellent and always very fast.

    Stockperformer is the perfect tool for analysing all business data and helping me plan new projects. It is much easier to spot trends in a large portfolio and really gets all possible data out of a lightbox. I have created new yearly lightboxes, new theme and location lightboxes, just to track even more data.

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