Sparkle and Shine Minilypse

So as you all know, I am real active with I license images through them, I inspect images for them and I’m active in their forums. One of the active threads is a group called Sparkle and Shine.

I decided to jump in and start hanging out with them. They were very welcoming to me and I quickly saw that they were a close group and many had been chatting for years. This group is located literally all around the globe.

A few of the members had met in person, but most of them had only developed their friendships in the cyber world. I thought it would be cool to get as many of the members together as possible. So I decided to host another iStockphoto shooting get together called a minilypse.

I checked with the group to see if they would be interested in coming to Nashville and they were. Pressure was on, I was going to have people spend good money to come visit Nashville and to shoot “stock” images.

They would be coming from Germany, Sweden, France, Nova Scotia, and all around the US. I chose late April because that is generally nice weather. I really didn’t want this to just be another photographer shoot get together. I wanted it to be a great learning environment, a great Nashville experience full of “Southern Hospitality” and a Friendship building good time!

Normally these get togethers are a few days, but knowing that some members had never visited the “South” I made it a 4 day shoot with one day off in the middle. Figuring out shoot locations was easy. I had just finished building the Inhaus Creative Studio, my studio, and I had discovered a great new venue, E|Spaces, an awesome business layout. I had used Buffalo billiards before and Marathon Village. I put out a casting call to my model friend and most of them were available.

Most of the group came in a day early and we had a great time hanging out and seeing a little of Nashville and enjoying some local grub. The shoots went well. One of my clients G Alexander American Tux came to one of the shoot and became a shooting station, how cool, the members could get to shoot for a client and the client could get some cool pics, win/win. Another client Vietti Chili, gave us tickets to the Music City Roots and we were all witness to some great country music and some more down home cooking at the Lovelace Cafe.

I really enjoyed the down time and the time spent with the members, Strong bonds were strengthened and that was special to me. Over all the event was perfect. Can’t wait till our next get together.

Here is the lightbox of the images for sale

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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