This Video Features Highlights from Dan, Jacom & Dieter.

The first 2 weeks of May, Donna and I traveled to Arizona & Utah to Vacation and for me to shoot with some of my favorite photographers. Donna and I flew into Pheonix, drove up to Sedona, spent the night, then went over to the Grand Canyon and then up to Page, Ut where we spent the night and checked out Antelope Canyons and Lake Powel. We then traveled to and spent a day each at Bryce Canyon and  Zion National Park. We then had the opportunity to travel to St. George along with about two dozen other photographers for RedRockalypse #5, a big group shoot organized by AJ (Rich Vintage). The RR5 event was a Friday-Saturday affair consisting of three locations/themes: 1) beach and boating at Sand Hollow reservoir, 2) education and politics at Dixie High School, and 3) hiking, camping, rock climbing, yoga, etc. at Pioneer Park. These lypse events are a lot of fun because you get to rub shoulders with a bunch of other photographers who are equally passionate about photography, and you are exposed to models, locations and themes you may not otherwise run into normally. But boy are lypses crazy! At each station you have less than ten minutes to come up with a concept, light it, direct it and shoot it before it’s the next photographer’s turn, so it’s good practice at being quick on your feet and adaptable to changing circumstances. What was cool about this Lypse was that I went as an iStock Mentor and got to assist and lend my creativity to some fellow iStock Members, don’t know if I helped, but we sure did have fun.

Two of my good photographer friends that I’ve shot with before, Dan Bachman (Eagle, ID) and Jacom Stephens (Salt Lake City, Utah), were going to be in town for the RR5 event, so the three of us we decided to plan a bunch of shoots in addition to the official event. For several weeks prior to the event, we made arrangements for an additional eight shoots (two of which ended up getting cancelled because of weather, and the last one we were just too pooped to do). Jacom and I spent a couple thousand dollars on props including a full-blown astronaut suit, super hero costumes, a real cow skull, army uniforms and gear, water coolers, astro turf, post apocalyptic looking weapons/helmets/goggles, hazmat suits, a geiger counter, and a whole lot more. We didn’t even end up using all of them, so there will definitely be a round two (or three).

We had a super selection of Models! Many of them I had worked with before and it was great to see and work with them again, and also meet some new ones that I can’t wait to shoot with again!!! Thanks guys!

The shoots that we ended up actually shooting included golf, camping and hiking, other worldly (astronauts, aliens, super heros), fly fishing, politics, and an eclectic mix of different themes in a desert environment. Dan wasn’t able to stay for all the shoots in northern Utah because he had to get back to his day job. Our military and global warming shoots were rained out, and a couple of days later when we arrived at the Bonneville Salt Flats with eight models and a two vehicles full of props and equipment, we were shocked to find the entire salt flats buried under a foot of water. And on the last day, we decided to cancel our mountain biking shoot to give ourselves enough time to clean up and pack everything up before heading off to the airport. It was absolutely crazy, but it was an incredibly productive and enjoyable experience. And we all created some INCREDIBLE images to add to our stock portfolios. I wouldn’t be surprised to see most of them end up in istock’s Vetta Collection or featured as istock’s Image of the Week or Hot Shots. Take a look at the video and I think you’ll agree.

Note: I borrowed some of Jacom’s copy for this post 🙂 , here is his original post about our great event (used with permission!)

Here is our iStockphoto lightbox containing a lot of our photos from our get togethers.

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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