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Being blind as a bat most of my life, I’ve always have had a relationship with glasses and contacts! Sometimes that relationship ended when the glasses decided to leave my face for the ocean’s bottom in leiu of seeing the big fish that we caught, or slide off of my face to spite me instead of helping me pick up the pile of gear to move. Well, no longer! Thanks to the generocity of my shooting partner Jacom Stephens, he introduced me to one of his clients.

The owner Jake Bennett hooked me up with his entire collection. Besides the lightweight comfort, they work great as props for all of my sports and outdoor lifestyle images. They grip nicely to my sweaty head and don’t slip down the nose. (Hey, I take showers multiple times a day 🙂 ) Always cleaning my lenses, I can be rough on glasses, resulting in broken frames over time. Well, the NUMA sunglasses rock, because you can’t really break them. You can sit on them, bend them, throw them, and put them right back on your face.

Another great feature is that the lenses pop out and you can pop in different shade of darkness! This rocks if you are trying to look cool at night and actually want to see the menu.

So, this isn’t a paid endorsement, I call it a sponsorship! NUMA Optics, I dig these glasses and for the working photographer who hates wrestling with their sunglasses, these polarized glasses rock. Multiple Styles and Colors are available.

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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  1. Mike Nelson says:

    I first heard about Numa Sports Optics through a good friend of mine, Dieter Spears. I had done a few shoots with him and we got to talking about my hobbies. My biggest one is traveling and playing volleyball, both indoor and outdoor.

    Most of my life I’ve always played without sunglasses because I could never found a pair that fit right and that would stay on/be comfortable while being so active in the sport (the jumping, diving, running, etc.). And, for me, the biggest thing with sunglasses is finding a pair that doesn’t rub on my eye lashes and fog up with the sweat. Anyway, Dieter told me to try out a pair of these the next time I play. Let me tell you, I’ve never been more pleased and I don’t travel anywhere without them!

    They are extremely lightweight, grip to your face nicely, give a crisp, vivid image of your surroundings, and come in numerous styles (obviously you gotta look good on the beach!). I have a brown and black pair, and each has a different style of frame. The frames are soft and comfortable, the lenses tone down the brightness of the sun perfectly but still giving you great color and definition, and best of all, they are extremely durable. They have withstood a full year of sweat, sand, water, and being thrown around in my backpack – and not a single scratch!

    I highly recommend these glasses for the active person who wants something dependable and still wants to look good!

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