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With the success of Chapped’lypse, our group kept asking for someone to host the next event. I thought about it and figured, why not. I felt pretty confident because I have lived in Nashville since 1980, and knew that I could book some killer locations. Plus, I know enough people that I was sure that I could book plenty of models.

The locations fell into place rather easily, but asking friends to find models was another issue. After thinking about it, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to bug my friends. I did, however, have a few who knew my involvement with iStock (fellow iStockers, Deuelpics & Dennysb), and told me to find some models online at Model Mayhem. So, I signed up for a account and started collecting “models.” Quickly, I realized that there were a lot of flaky and frankly inconsiderate dumbasses out there. I had MM members swearing to me that they would be on time, only to contact me again as if they had never talked to me in the first place. Slowly, I felt I had a small group of models that  seemed reliable and would actually show up. I called around and got a pretty good deal on a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express. I found it beneficial to talk to the marketing manager instead of the front desk. I booked a restaurant and some models and photographers met there first to start our weekend.


A Motley Crew

Holiday Workout

This made it into Men's Health Magazine

I ended up booking a furniture store, pub, walk-around, and studio shoot at my office. Overall the weekend went great. Like any get together, it started out slow and finally found it’s legs.

Few models showed for the furniture store, plus furniture stores are crowded with stuff. The pub was great, the models showed up and got into it. The location had a lot to offer and a lot of great images were taken. We walked around Nashville at night and ended up having some good hang time in the hotel’s conference room. Our Chapped’lypse group hadn’t done much studio shooting, so we set up 4 backdrops in my warehouse and just shot on backdrop for a whole day. We had great model turnout and I spent the day not shooting, but getting to know models and making sure everyone had someone or thing to shoot. This wasn’t as structured as a traditional minilypse, the photographers just paired up and then later swapped partners while I made sure that the models were being used and shuffled around.

Out of this weekend learned not to cram to much into an event, keep and motivate everyone to keep working (new ‘lypsers tend to be shy and don’t ask for models or props or help with lighting). I got lucky and made friends with some great models, who I now call friends and they actively help me get models for events.

Here is the iStock lightbox from that weekend.

The image above made it into Men’s Health Magazine, Kinda Cool!

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Royalty-Free Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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