I know one piece of gear that doesn’t get noticed are lighting stands, as long as they stand up and you can put light on them then job done, right? Well, with anything it’s the little things that can make each shoot that much easier and enjoyable. The little things that I love about this stand are the following:

  • You can snap connect the stand together for easy transport, if you don’t have a travel bag for stands, then carrying more than two easily becomes cumbersome. They love to slide out of your hand and make you stop to reorganize thus wasting time. The 1004BAC easily snaps together and 4-5 can easily be carried depending how strong you are. 🙂
  • When opening  the legs, there is a stop point, allowing all of your stands to be opened to the same width, no guess work!
  • This is a biggie, they can take abuse and weight. Other stands that I’ve had in the past, if you have a sand bag on the stand and you try to pick the stand up, they come apart a a riser section. these stands can be picked up by the riser sections and not come apart.

Manfrotto 1004BACHere is the description from the Manfrotto website: The 5/8” ”Baby” Male Spigot Lightweight Quick Stack Stands are another product innovation from Manfrotto Lighting Support. Their lightweight and compact-size make them a practical tool for your lighting support needs. The lightweight stand range consists of 7, 8, 9 and 12′ stands which can be purchased as singles or in 3 packs. With a patented Quick Stack System (QSS) portability is the key feature! Connecting the stands together saves a lot of room while storing them in the studio. A more compact case can be used when shooting outdoors because of this unique design. 4 section, 3-riser aluminum, air cushioned stand.

UPDATE: The Clips that allow the units together breaks pretty easily. They need to be metal not plastic

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for iStockphoto.com and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.


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