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Lehcim Robot

So, I’ve been doing well in the stock photography business. Over the years I’ve met a lot of Photographers and Artist. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of great images. many of these images are more than an image of a model doing something. The photographers are creating cool “things” and adding them into their photos. I also work closely with Rick Prince from SyFy’s reality show FACEOFF Season 5. It’s a thrill to watch him draw out a concept, then sculpt it in clay and then take that all the way to a completed creature/creation.

So, a few weeks ago, I woke up and decided to see if I could find my inner artist and create something that I could create and then shoot. Years ago, Venus Hum, a Nashville band, that got some international fame had created a few cool album arts. Those images alway stuck with me.

I went to the local crafts store and just started walking the isles. After some browsing, I started grabbing some things and started slinging it all together.

I decided to create a fantasy world and some creatures, some based on the Venus Hum art. My fantasy world would be the home of the Lehcims (took the craft store name and reversed it and took out a few letters). Rick helped me think some things out. I’m happy with the result.

Leihcim Dandelions

The lehcims Dandelions characters also worked into an contest of some piers. Needed to create an image with the theme of “helping others” This contest was also in honor of an Istock inspector who suddenly passed away. He was an amazing 3d artist and photographer. He alway inspired me because he could create 3d worlds so realistic it would fool the eye. Mark You are Missed world wide!

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