My first annual iStockphoto minilypse, what a great event…

Coming off of the high from going to the HQLypse I felt that I had been to enough minilypses and have a real good feel for creating my own. I wanted to take some of the ease and less pressure from my Chappedlypse Group and add in some things that I learned from Atlanta, RR4 and HQlypse. So, I made the choice and made a post in the Forums. InhausLypse.01 is born. Right off the bat, I had alot of friends wanting to be on the list, I had alot of interest from members. So, now it was on, I had interest and now I had to deliver.

I found a cool modern hotel HOTEL INDIGO and it had great rates. It is real close to downtown and worked out perfectly.

From the list I had enough members driving in and they had studio lights, so, we would have plenty of lighting.

I put a call out to my regular models and ask them to ask their model friends to see if they would be interested, wow, I had plenty of model ready to work. I emailed them all weekly to remind them of the event, one thing I didn’t want happening was a shortage of models. Most of them I knew and knew that I could count on them. I went ahead and made model releases with their info and what days they would show up on, I put their images on the release and made myself a master book with all of the releases. I made a detailed schedule page for each day of the event, I gathered pics and described props that I would have available at each location. I also asked the photographer if they need me to get them any props based on what they thought of the pictures. I made a real point to have real good communications between everyone involved. There were only a few members that were coming that I didn’t know, the rest I knew and felt comfortable that they could go with the flow if any snags occurred. Here is the pdf that I sent to everyone detailing the event.

The event went off without a hitch, I played host and really didn’t shoot. I had quite a few new model show and I made sure that they had a great time and hopefully would get on my regular rotation of models.

Here is the iStock Lightbox of the images from the weekend!

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.


inhauslypse.01 ©michaelwesthoff

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