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The Farmer

The Farmer ©dieterspears

On, we have forums for the get-togethers called  “minilypses”. The Chapped’Lypse group has the largest minilypse thread. From talking to members on the site, I got a sense that they felt that we were a closed community. This, however, is simply not so. We randomly have members drop in and hang for a while, though most lose interest. Admittedly, there are a few that we just didn’t like, so we simply didn’t respond to them.

Wedding Dispair

Wedding Dispair ©dieterspears

Along comes Stacy (sbrogan). She jumps in our thread and acts like she’s been a Chapped’Lypse member for years. It felt like a minute before she was offering up to host the next Chapped’Lypse get-together. We all said “sure,” and Huska’Lypse was born. Stacy did a great job of hosting and we all had a great time. If you get a chance to get sucked into TacoJim’s extended world you will always be in for an adventure!

Huskalypse, for me, was refreshing. I finally felt comfortable with my gear, this was my group, and I wasn’t hosting. Our group was finally feeling like a group of old friends. We shot a lot out doors and Southern Indy is super hot in August. From a shooting stand point, it was the first time that I felt that I got some shots that were as good as any image out there. We had a few models that really knew how to work the camera and this was a big treat. It was also great to see my friends progressing as “Stock” photographers.

The only real downside of the weekend was the hotel where we stayed.  A few months prior, Southern Indiana was flooded. The hotel apparently had water up to the window sills. The entire hotel smelled musty and moldy. It wasn’t until we had already stayed there for a night before the hotel staff told us that they had just reopened. It seemed like they should have waited a little longer before reopening. Aside from that, though, the weekend was a great success.

Pitch Dark Long Exposure Ghost In The Graveyard

Pitch Dark Long Exposure Ghost In The Graveyard ©dieterspears

Here is the iStock lightbox from the Huskalypse weekend.

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Royalty-Free Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.


Huskalypse ©michaelwesthoff

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