Survivor ©dieterspears

Winning Image : The Survivor ©dieterspears

Dieter Wins The Lottery Ok, the iStock gods were shining down on me. The day that the RR4 money was due ($325), so was the HQlypse (Official iStock Lypse to be held at the new home office, in Calgary, Canada) $500. Well, a few days before the mad dash to F5 to try to get on the HQlypse list, I lost my iphone., not being over contract it was a hefty $400 to replace, and along with the RR4, I was tapped out. So, it wasn’t to be for me to goto the HQlypse. I watched the forum and got to see the great reactions of those who made it in. Like I said in the last post, don’t feel out till it’s over. Luckly, 2 members had to bow out, and iStockphoto decided to do a drawing. OK, I want to believe it was rigged and iStockphoto loves me and yata, yata, or I got lucky, wink, wink, who knows, they had the drawing and low and behold, I got picked. I felt like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a winner, and the good news, I had cash to do it! THANK YOU TO THE RIGGERS OF THE CONTEST!!!!

This was like going to the majors. I was going to meet so many of the iStockphoto Superstars. I was going to see the new home office and see if really putting all my eggs in one basket and being “Exclusive” was the right move, well let me tell you, I left wanting to work for iStock. What a great company, what a cool facility, I made the right choice! Over the next few days there were so many great moments. I am going to have to tell you about one and hopefully I won’t be called out on it. So, once we got settled in and we got a packet showing us our groups and shoot details. Oh boy, I’m on the same team as Lise Gange, ok, now I’m nervous. I’m on the same team as THE Michael Jackson of the micro stock world.

Explore Canada ©dieterspears

Explore Canada ©dieterspears

So, I’m standing in the gathering room looking around, there are a few members from RR4, and some close forum friends, so I don’t feel alone. Well, I laid my gear down and kinda made my little spot on this counter and am hanging out till we get instruction of the next thing to do. The room is packed and people are shuffling round, a lot of rekindling of friends, a lot of pair ups, and then in the, I could feel a buzz, all the first timers and members that didn’t know to many members were all looking in one direction, so, I looked and low and behold, Lise had just come into the room. There was a hustle from memebers who hadn’t seen her in a while to run over and say hi. I could tell she was a regular to the members of the home office , they made little to do about her and just went on their way getting the event running. Well this went on for a bit and Lise decided to grab her a spot and hang out like the rest of us. No she didn’t, she came and put her stuff down right next to me. Ok, I don’t ever meet a stranger, but with the excitement of the day I didn’t want to come across as a total dweeb. To this point I kinda felt like InhausCreative (my Screen Name) had a little traction and some members knew me, well, would she have any idea who InhausCreative was? About a minute passed and I made sure to let her settle in, no one was coming over to dote on her so I figured it was my time to introduce myself. I leaned over and said, “Hey, I’m Dieter, Inhaus Creative, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She kindly replied in a nice French-Cadanian Accent, “I’m Lise, pleasure to meet you.” Cool, I just met the Queen Bee, that was painless. So, I kinda stood around as she made conversation with some HQ members that came by. This went on for 30 minutes, so

Bad Things ©dieterspears

Bad Things ©dieterspears

I figured we were best friends at this point, and I could just make casual conversation. So, I let her know that we were on the same team and that we ought to go ahead and get a game plan going. 🙂 So, I leaned over to tell my new best friend that we were teammates, and she turns to me and says “Hi, I’m Lise and you are?” Nice, my best friend of 30 minutes didn’t even know we had met. 🙂 No sweat, over the weekend I got the privilege to spend a lot of time with Lise, and all I can say, “What a Sweetie!”  If you ever get a chance, go introduce yourself… twice! 🙂

So, over the few days, I realized that there is a lot to learn, so many members with great ideas, approaches, techniques, and all willing to share and make out community greater. I want to thank so many of the Home Office members who made me feel so much a part of the iStock world. JJRD, Lobo, Sylvanworks, Rogermexico, and Evilclown, all had some kind words and really made me feel special.

To top off such a wonderful event, I ended up wining an award (1 of 4) for Best Art Direction, WOW, such an honor, considering all of the images that I saw. It was cool too, 3 of the awards were won by RR4 members, so, it pays to go to lypses.


Here is the iStock Lightbox from the weekend.

Here are links to  two Animoto Videos feature some of the

great images created by all the members that made it to the HQlypse, such talent!!!!

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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