Hoodman Hoodloupe 3.0

Hoodman Hoodloupe 3.0Really not much to say here, if you shoot outdoors in the sun, then you really can’t see your view finder. The solution that I’ve found is the Hoodman Hoodloupe 3.0. You wear it around your neck with the provided neck cord. it has +/- 3 diopter adjustment for those of us with crapy eyesight. It has a 1 to 1 magnification.

Reciently, I shot in the Virgin Islands and ended up shooting in the water, sea water ended up trapped against the lenses, no sweat, un-did a few screws and took the unit apart, easy to clean! I believe the Hoodman Hoodloupe 3.0 is a must when shooting outdoors.

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for iStockphoto.com and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.


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