I’m proud to have been picked by Michael Priest, the owner of G. Alexander American Made Formalwear to be their product photographer. G. Alexander is the only American Made Formalwear coming to the tuxedo rental market. Michael found out about me from one of my regular models! He said he checked out this site and was confident that I could do the job that he needed.

G. Alexander TuxedoThe photo shoot started off with a big scare. I was planning on shooting tethered to the laptop so that Michael could see what was being shot. Murphy’s law kicked in and I got tangled on the long USB cable that was connected to my Canon 5dmkII, well, it went flying off of the counter onto the concrete floor. The Elinchrom trigger on top of the camera smashed into a million pieces and the Canon 24-70mm USM lens hood bent the plastic on front of the lens. Crap, I supposed to be shooting in a few minutes. My assistant, Michael Miller, ran to the local camera store to see if they had a trigger, luckily they did! The camera and lens seemed to be working, so we proceeded with the shoot. Being a Canon CPS Gold Member, I did send the camera and lens off to Canon to get checked out and cleaned. Canon contacted me to let me know that the USB connection was shot and the Lens Auto Focus was not working great, weird thing all the Tuxedo shots looked great!

I ended up creating some graphics for an upcoming tradeshow. I hope that G. Alexander takes off and takes over the industry. Go American Made!

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for iStockphoto.com and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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  1. Dieter,

    I can’t tell you how great it was working with you. The photos are fantastic, the can do attitude you have is so refreshing, I’m looking forward to the next shoot. Working with my deadline was no easy task and you produced like you had 6 months to get the job done.

    The debut for the line is Wednesday August 10th and I am positive your images will blow the formalwear world away.

    If anyone is looking for a photographer you would be shorting yourself if you didn’t talk to Dieter Spear first!

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