Brewlypse – Milwaukee, WI

On January 21-25, 2009 I went to Milwaukee, WI to shoot with some of my fellow iStock friends.

After the success of the Huskalypse, our group wanted to get back together. Members FuzzMartin and SimonMcConico decided to tag team the event. At this point our Chapped’Lypse group get-together just seemed to be easier to do and a lot more enjoyable. Simon and Fuzz landed some great locations and a huge slew of models. One location fell through and we acted like old ‘lypse pros as we found a new location in an hour and never missed a beat. This get-together allowed some members who hadn’t been able to make it to the other events to show, so it really was a homecoming! We also had a new forum member make it out, nautilus_shell_studios.

Our Chappedlypse Gang

Our Chappedlypse Gang

On a side note, when you are putting on a photo shoot, make sure that all parties involved truly understand what the process is for shooting stock with models and locations.

One location was a million-dollar, two-bedroom apartment. No fault of anyone’s, but the condo was furnished and for sale, and we were descending upon it with 10 photographers and 15 models, gear and so on. It was tight. The realtor was our contact and she was there and very nervous. I wasn’t worried because I knew our group would be respectful and careful, at one point Fuzz and I overheard her on the phone and she said “I thought the photographer was just coming to shoot the place,” so there was some miscommunication. Fuzz, quickly told her that we would stop the shoots and exit the premise. About that time, unnannounced,  a model, striped down to her undies, jump on the couch and screamed “someone shoot me”. (I’m sure the realtor had a stiff drink that night.) So, shoots don’t always go smoothly, the key is remain professional and stay on top of the moment.

This trip I really started to understand the relationship of studio lights, f-stop and models. It was awesome, so many models, and time, I mainly shot on paper backgrounds doing headshots and expressions. From this lypse I would get my first FREE IMAGE OF THE WEEK, which is a cool honor and marketing for anyone selected.

Here is the iStock Lightbox for the Brewlypse weekend.

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Royalty-Free Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

So Sweet

So Sweet ©dieterspears

Free Image Of The Week

My First Free Image Of The Week ©dieterspears

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