Black Rapid Camera Strap RS-7 R-Strap

So, I finally found a camera strap that makes using a camera a joy to use. Last year I did a lot of shooting out in Utah with some iStock photographers. I noticed that they all were using the same type of camera strap. I asked each of them what kinda strap were they using and they praised the Black Rapid brand of camera straps. Well, like any shooter knows, a long day of shooting will make you tired and any little thing that you can do to reduce fatigue is a giant plus, comfortable shoes, suntan lotion, a great hat, Sun Glasses ( I use NUMA SPORT OPTIC sunglasses), and a comfortable strap will make your day of shooting all about getting great captures, not getting irritable over little things due neck pain. For me, I hate having the weight of the camera tug on my neck, I hate a heavy camera bounce off of my big belly :). While trying to find the most comfortable strap, I ended up buying 5 different brands, ranging from $25 to $120. The gel padded straps were pretty good, but neck strain still occurred with lengthy shoots.

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The Black Rapid RS-7 strap is made for me. First of all, you wear it like a sling. The camera hang and rests on the side of your hip ( depending of the height adjustments that you’ve made ). This is nice because you can move it out of the way if your leaning over to do something. You can even flip the camera over to your back and free 2 hands up to pick up whatever. The weight of the camera is put on your shoulders, not your neck, so, longer shoots feel great. Being a sling type system, you just grab your camera from your hip and bring it up to your shooting position. the strap has a clamping system built in so that when you bring the camera up to shooting position, it glides up the strap, not really moving your strap around, but due to the nature of shooting, the strap can move and the padded part may move from your shoulder. NOT A PROBLEM, just bring your camera down from your shooting position and the clamps grab the strap and bring the padding right back up to your shoulder. Also, you can feel a lot safer about walking around with your camera, no one is going to be able to grab it and go!

The earlier version of the strap had a tendency to allow the strap to turn around and not lay flat, but this has been fixed with the latest versions.

The Black Rapid come in a few different versions and systems, I’m just using it as a basic camera strap. You can find out more info on the straps at

This is not a paid endorsement, I have just bought the product and love it and know you will too, but (Cough, Cough, Wink, Wink) I won’t turn an endorsement down. 🙂

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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  1. Michael Miller says:

    I bought the RS-7 last year and I count it among the best money I’ve ever spent on gear. Works flawlessly every time and makes you look like a pro.

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