BioShock: Big Daddy-Subject Delta




Rick Prince Owner of Malice in Mind and Dieter Spears Owner of Inhaus Creative have decided to do a series of graphic images ranging from original creatures to video game, comic and movie characters. This was a personal project for Rick. Rick created his homage of Big Daddy-Subject Delta from BioShock, this was a Halloween costume cosplay costume for a 9-year-old girl. The Big Daddy played the accessory piece, to the Little Sister (BioShock), who she was going as. She needed her Big Daddy :). I had fun adding in some images to give the character an underwater adventure feel. I love the classic sci-fi look, I don’t know anything about the BioShock Universe, I’m betting the classic sic-fi look isn’t their look, oh well, hopefully they love Rick’s homage to their character and they get a good laugh at my image of it.

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

All Images ©InhausCreative/Dieter Spears | All Rights Reserved


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