Stock Shoot BSS4 – Sun Valley, ID

This trip would be a first for me. I never as an adult have been anywhere with a lot of snow, and massive negative degrees. First of all, I don’t have any snow clothes. Second, I’m on the happier side of plump and snow gear is for active, fit, skinny cats, would I find anything to keep me warm? Ebay never let’s me down, found all the right gear and was ready to brave the gentleman’s arctic!

Earlier this winter, Sun Valley Resort, a world class recreational destination in southern Idaho, invited Dan Bachman, and Jacom Stephens to come up to Idaho and do a winter vacation lifestyles shoot at their facilities. Dan was point man on this one and pulled all of the details together. For this trip we rented a chalet and crammed our models and ourselves into it! Worked like a charm. I don’t think my snoring kept anyone up, we were so tied from shlepping gear thru the snow, getting up at sun-up, shooting thru sun-down, we all came home and crashed each night. No, winter vacation, all work!

Sun Valley BTS
A week of shooting at the Sun Valley Resort. What a fantastic place, it is totally built to be a Nordic Ski Resort, and that was one of our themes. We were very curious to see how the Elinchrom Ranger RX batteries would hold up in the cold, they totally worked the same as if they were in the UTAH desert. This trip was cool too, we brought all of our gear, so we had 6 Elinchrom set-ups. We had the ability to light anything! The shoots went great, from indoor fireplace romance to Nordic Skiing, the models did great. My new snow gear worked great, I never got cold, and didn’t over do it and never got overheated, I did have to change if I went in, the big fireplaces made it to hot for fat boy to stay in the snow gear.

Here is our iStockphoto lightbox containing a lot of our photos from our get togethers.

Dieter Spears is a Nashville Photographer, He shoots Stock images for and Getty Images. He is an iStockphoto Inspector.

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