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3d Movie ©dieterspears

3d Movie ©dieterspears


• I shoot all kinds of photography be it Product Shots, Architectural, Headshots, but my main passion is Royalty-Free Stock photography.

• I am an exclusive contributor at www.istockphoto.com/inhauscreative . I sell the images through Istockphoto.com and Getty Images. The images will be sold to designers for use in their artwork and to anyone wanting a cool image. This is great exposure for the models, my work ends up all around the globe. It is fun to hear from models when they see themselves in some form of creative outlet.

• A model release form is required to work with me. A copy can be viewed here.

• If you are willing to model for me for some stock concepts, I will gladly shoot whatever you need for free.

• If you are a business and need images and have a location or something that would benefit me for creating stock images then I will greatly reduce my price. A property release must be signed.

• An unpaid model will receive a limited amount of high-res images and a number of low-res watermarked images for the web.

• I prefer models to bring an escort. I do not shoot nudes or suggestive materials. Thanks.

• My regular models have become close friends with myself and the other models, a really great group.

• If you get on my rotation of models and I have a paying gig; I will hire you if you fit the client’s needs.



Riot ©dieterspears

Riot ©dieterspears

Royalty-free (RF)


“Free” in this context means “free of royalties (paying each time you use an image)”. It does not mean the image is free to use without purchasing a license or that the image is in the public domain.

• Pay a one-time fee to use the image multiple times for multiple purposes (with limits).
• No time limit on when the buyer can use an image.
• No one can have exclusive rights of a Royalty-free image (the photographer can sell the image as many times as he or she wants).
• A Royalty-free image usually has a limit to how many times the buyer can reproduce it.

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